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WWE 2K15 finally arrived on the PC after leaving the computer since October. The computer version adds content that can be downloaded into a package, which makes it extremely valuable. But is there a delay during protests that are of no interest to the port?

main event

Admirers of WWE may well know the story of this game. The hope is that the franchise repairs with 2K Sport on board will last a long time. In the centreThese projects are completely new models, movements and characters.

But WWE fans are not like that. Instead, 2K Sports purchased from Visual Concepts (developer of its NBA title) to let the game polish and increase the page, but make a mistake. The result is a great game until you start playing. If you do not go the wrong way now WWE 2K15 plays the same role as WWE 2K14, the problem is that fans are waiting for more.

However, this new installation willAdded some new games that may indicate future improvements, including combat mechanics (often found at the start of the fight) where you participate in mini-rock paper minigames. He follows a very sensitive relationship with the right stick, to quickly find a sweet spot enemy creates a nice pressure. It looks good when you are the spectator, but the player who caught you to win, you have the majority of the front and backlost.

Then this is a normal business. Just as precise protests, protests, mechanical machines – all in the game and still need the time that admirers know and love. This usually works well against the same opponent, who creates an impulse and controls the speed of the match.

Turn height

However, it will not take long to see the problem. Depending on where you are working, your “superstar” is intentionally expanding, fighting more than oneThe opponent is too often locked up with the wrong rivals.

My real complaint WWE 2K15 comes from the fact that in this version it lacks 2K14 or earlier versions of the console.

2K14 has a single-player ad that Wrestlemaina undergoes for 29 years x-degeneration collapse and Cena and CM Panks: preparing for Wrestlemania 30 model This year was replaced by two fokusamy.supernytstvo. This works well if you are a fan of these characters, but not iconicNature of the game in the last year, so less experienced experience. Fortunately, if you play alone, more work patterns that will help you reach the level of the WWE Development Cups, NXT does it a bit.

Other modes not available on WWE 2K 15 are video artists. Although I rarely have this patient for myself, avoid creating other people (as long as the modular community does not receive) hands)

My last issue of WWE 2K15 was thatThe story has changed dramatically since the console and the characters in the game look strangely wrong compared to their presence. Leave Chesaro, who has earned 93 points (one of the highest in the game), but now in the batting team with Tyson Kid. Part of the plus point is that a CM Punk remained in the apparel of a fan club called Observer, this could be the last time you appeared in the WWE registry.

B + player

WWE 2K15s The biggest sin is theThe fact that he made the wrong half step and I suspect that the fans will be satisfied with the past. Years and more effort for animals and models. It’s doing the same game last year – it just looks better. Next year, the game2K will compete to continue along the path it has embarked on. Some new surgical methods need a lot of time to impressively breathe into writing this year.

And maybe next year we will see that the PC versionpublished in time. You’re welcome

WWE 2K15


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