FLIPCAB Super Flat Cables have been specifically designed for submersible pump motors. Rubber Submersible Pump Cable is a weather proof Cable which can withstand the extreme mechanical & electrical conditions.

Conductors:The conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper annealed and bunched together & have 99.97% Purity.

Insulation: Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated PVC compound having high insulation resistance values.

Sheathng: 3 Core are in parallel position and sheathed with a special grade of PVC Compound which is impervious to water, grease, oil etc.

FLIPCAB Super Flat Cable

Advance Features:
Temperature -40°C to 105°C
Flexibility Higher Flexibility
Insulation Two Layers
Conductor Resistance 10% Lower Resistance than Normal Flat Cable
Moisture Resistance At 80°C
Gripping Knurling on Outer Sheath for Accurate Gripping
Copper Purity 99.97% (IACS)