Flipcab Cables Process

Flipcab Cables have ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing and quality testing procedures. The cable manufacturing atFlipcab Cables is carried out as follows:


Conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade high conductivity copper (and annealed) and H2 / H4 grade aluminum. After drawing various sizes, conductors are formed in various configurations such as solid, stranded, circular or shaped. All conductors at Flipcab Cables are manufactured in accordance with national and international codes / specifications IS 694:2010, CML/3638973.


The conductors are insulated with high quality PVC/XLPE compound having high insulation resistance. the insulation process is carried out on modern high speed extrusion lines giving improved reliability and compactness to cables with higher accuracy ensuring consistency in performance on field. The XLPE extruded cores are cured at specified temperature requirements. Insulation at Flipcab Cables is carried out in accordance with national and international codes / specifications IS 694:2010, CML/3638973.


Colour identification is of utmost importance, especially for the control cables. Different cores in the cables are identified by different colors. At Flipcab Cables, the following color scheme is adopted unless specifically called for,

  1. Single core RED, YELLOW, BLUE , GRAY , GREEN or BLACK
  2. 2 core RED and BLACK
  3. 3 core RED, YELLOW and BLUE
  4. 4 core RED, YELLOW, BLUE and BLACK

For cables having more than 5 cores, adjacent cores (counting core and directional) in each layer are provided with blue and yellow colour and remaining cores in the layer with light grey colour. In addition, control cables with core identification can also be provided with numbers.


All cores are tested online during production. All multicore cables are laid up as per the colour code. For laying up, Flipcab Cables have the latest laying up machines.


All cables having two or more cores have a common covering called inner sheath. The inner sheath is applied over the laid-up cores either by extrusion or by wrapping with PVC tapes to maintain the circularity of the laid up cores.


Armouring is applied over the inner sheath for mechanical protection of the cables. When armouring is required for single core for use in AC system, the cables are armoured with non-magnetic material to avoid losses due to magnetic hysteresis. Where diameter of the inner sheath does not exceed 13mm. normally flat steel, (strips) of galvanized steel, conforming to IS 1554 part 1 is provided. Round steel wires for higher diameter cables can be provided if specifically called for.


A tough outer sheath of suitable grade of PVC compound is applied over the armour for armoured cables and directly over the inner sheath for un-armoured cables. The colour of outer sheath is generally black for best resistance to outdoor exposure, although Flipcab Cables can provide cables with outer sheath of any colour, if specifically called for. Flipcab Cables Pvt. Ltd. have their name and size of the cable inscribed on the outer sheath of cables. Additionally, the voltage grade and the year of manufacturing are also embossed printed at regular intervals. Flipcab Cables are sequentially marked for indicating cables length in meters throughout its length.