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There was also another boy, in one place, in the Lord’s Rebellion, I am already in the house sitting on white snow, excitement, and cautious. Resting quietly. Can not migrate. Waiting. He hears aloud that he will never hear – blowing bells and santasges sledges. At night for five minutes. The sudden electrical activity of the child remains a boy. The open window, he saw in a very strange sight – a black red train looks a steam sound standing in front of the house. Machineryit was of daylight behavior like the night and falling snow. The boy in the pajamasna slippers every outfit outdoors is demolished, and waiting for burdens with the help of a conductor, who is looking for a righteous man in his eyes. Well, is it coming with you? asked the trainer. Where? The boy asks. Which means that it came to North Pole – of course. O Express! As I explained to the next, the problems and opportunities of the boy who was best with the train towards the Northern Nile, in that caseSo, he said he had found his way in life, place and sun did not have mirumqui you believe to stop.

PolaroidBirdFich is not your typical schooling experience. And he found himself in the Polaroid room, in a collection, and with a loud noise, he found himself in the chosen species. If the image is taken on the camera is subject to very bad results. His struggle to survive and solve the mystery of a plane one night before his polaroid cameras curse.

Language: English

Title: Malaysia / Chinese


Total publishing date: 23 November 2017

Type: Fear

currensTempus and prices

TGV Professional Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

Call: George Willamette, Judson Petsch Katie Stevens

Director Lars Klevberg

Do: 2D

Polar 2017



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