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permanent comedy about bad hair, teenagers and awkward family members. This includes changing the life of permanent and badly made toupees. Obstacles to daily survival. It’s 1982 and Dickson (Jim, Jeanne, and Eagle) is moving (new) in the southern city, where all Tara Fawcett type long hair girls (matching her garden back accents / and likes to talk and hang his hair.) Pre-teen Eagles ask their parents to stayNeididlya (known outside the city as a pinch) changes the life of the waves, but when they bring it to the beauty salon instead of the school to save money, a natural disaster occurs. Bored student beauty deliberately sets the timer too long, and ends with the destruction of social life, the lower eagle, as well as hair follicles were crushed. The eagle remains as a clumsy but embarrassing teenager trying to move on average, that a boy Africathen throws Sachenzu to him, from the nickname for dodgeballs.

Permanent 2017



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