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Control window set another bread and butter product Microsoft Window, when it comes to sales, although it goes from Windows, special attention. This led to the release of Office for Android and iOS to Windows Phone Mac and Windows, as in the case with the Office2016 order.

All these small changes

ifyou go through the process of the installation process, you have the latest versions of the Microsoft, with Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, POVER Point, Project, Publisher, Visio and WORDvse established. It is important that these programs merkendat not available separately or as a package should be loaded. If you want to program the previous version, it is usefulknow that your Office 2013 may not work against each other in 2016, so it may be worth thinking about the working group.

One difference belangrijksteHet you will see that Linz is now a business sketch.

At first glance, the appearance and slovyzneshni appearance is similar to the version of 2013,although the touch is a universal word outside the Blue Ribbon interface. The icons are arranged somewhat differently, Butthe basic parameters remain the same.

The most notable addition is the Tell Me, which is more than just a search for the search menu. For example, enter a commentand the insertion answer, but instead of telling you how to make a comment, not hetvoor you automatically. This feature is also in Excel and POVER Point.

The second major addition is to edit the document in real time, which means that you can see what other people whowork on the document, work on the screen. This feature is already available on the Office Online site.

Ward Other new features include a shop where for Microsoft WORD application can be downloaded and simplify storage options such sites and e-mail address will be added to the cloudaccounts as OneDrive confusion voorkomenmet local variations.

palyapshennyaza scenes

Excel has several management menu, but the interface is essentially the same as in the previous version. While you may not get to see, change of use in the field, who will be happy to a large number ofdata to Excel, to know that Microsoft has improved the functionality of business intelligence (BI).

The company has several add-ons integrated BI, which are only available in earlier versions of Office. These additions include user requests powder biznesumozhna easily viewnecessary information without IT (also known as self-service BI); and Vista, view, allowing customers to easily create reports based on the data that they have shown. There are also several new maps and selection, including TreeMap, Sunburst, waterfall, Side Wiscaker Histogram and Pareto.

onenew addition is OneDrive connection, so you can link directly from a file cloud storage.

There are a few changes that Microsoftmae aangebrachtdat they are not visible to the eye, but it will help protect the data from errors in the wrong hands, as well as the availability and improvement for IT managers,who want to deploy a package to improve.

ever change

In general, changes in the of Office, 2016 Voorde windows are small and, in addition to the Tell Me a convenient feature that is not visible to any user. As for Excel BI options, Microsoft is promoting energy consumers.

Office Home & Student 2016


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