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Cats are great and everything, but they can be pain. Their coat goes everywhere, they eat constantly and want to dig their shirts into their breasts while sleeping.

My Angela Talking gives you all the benefits of a big cat without the bags. This is the same pet gameMy Talking Tom with eight, where you go eat, marriage, kids, dressing and play with naughty star Angela Talking Tom loves Angela, and Angela Valentine.

Felinynse is fighting with Angela

There are different aspectsfrom “My Speaking Angela”, which will allow you to engage with it in many ways. The “pet” game on The game includes the usual: pet, feed, take a shower and let Angela go to bed. These parts are well executed but very few are original and only so many of them can be taken before you get bored.

Thanks, there is still a lot to do with Angela Talk. There are three little sausages: cutting bricks, hidden tower and thin puzzles (here you have tocreate Tetris style pieces that fit into the web). The games are easy to pick and play and very addictive: although they are excluded from the fact that your progress is not saved when you go.

Another interesting part of My Talking Angela is the stickers that you can open by aligning or completing tasks. The package you provide has several stickers that you place in a sticker for virtual stickers. youYou can even sell stickers with other players around the world. This is a great and unique aspect of the game that holds you back for more.

A characteristic feature of “My Talking Angela”, which is aimed primarily at young women, is the ability to carry and make Angela about the environment. You can change their costumes and get newfurniture to change the scene clothes and items can be bought with the currency that Angelas leveling,earned by small games or by purchase.

Just like Talking Angela (and indeed, a catalog of Postfit Allfit “Talking” 7 games), you can do to repeat Angela what you say in a microphone with a loud cat, Cat. It’s also possible to save the screen and share videos about what you get with Angela.

Furry, fun for the family

My Angela Talking is very easy to play, perfect for kids, even younger. Each individual app menu items are well explained,If you use My Talking Angela to get started, small game controls are simple and the menu icons are big and clear.

When you do some tasks, the elements reflect that you have time to use them. For example, when you smell the body of the angel, the shower will start to jump a bit to show you that it is time to rinse it. This is an exciting but useful way to find out what to do next.

My angke designSweet Talkingyn and Cutesy. Pink is very characteristic as part of the color circuit, and the hero himself lives and is full of life. The angel is expressive and you can judge how she feels her eyes and the small sounds she makes.

The music in the little games is depressing and hits your head quickly.

Purrfect – for some

My Angela Speaking is not sure about everyone. Tasks can be combined and boring, and avoid players who like nice actionthat probably.

For some, especially small children, “My Calls” Angela makes a fun and entertaining way to learn about pet care.

My Talking Angela


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