Multi Core Cables

These wires are flexible and provide the best-in-class protection all around. A long list of features such as safety, reliability, fire resistant and fire retardant are associated with these flexible cables and therefore they are manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they have to operate. 




Suitable for wiring in all types of

all residential & industrial


voltage grade

Upto and including 1100 V


100 Mtr. & 500 Mtr.

Customization Available

These cables are designed for residential and commercial infrastructure. They serve as the connecting medium in power and control panels, cabinets & switchgears. They can also used for the purposes such as stationary and static appliances, motors and for other single phase connections.

Approvals : IS 694 marked

Conductor : Electrolytic grade annealed copper Class 5

Standard Cable Colour : Black, grey & white