Who is Flipcab and what do they do?

Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. is a 360-degree solution for all wires and cables. Flipcab offers full engineering and design services for custom constructed bulk wires,cables and supplies the finished item. Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. designs cables and wire from inception, or can determine the suitability of an existing product. Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd.’s expertise in wire and cable makes them the perfect partner for assembly and harness work. Whether you need a new cable, a recommendation for a cost-saving alternative, or simply a reliable supplier, you can trust Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd.. Experience Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd.’s value. Engineering. Production. Perfection.

Apart from innovative technology and ideas that power lives daily, we need to credit two of our factories that have catapulted us to the highest peak in the wires and cables industry. It’s because of them that we have acquired an identity as the best wires and cables manufacturers in India along with a strong international presence.

Flipcab Cable has always strived to offer best quality products to the market on time. In order to achieve this, Flipcab Cable has set up manufacturing plants at two places in India. These manufacturing plants are located at Surat and Daman.

The manufacturing plants are well-equipped with modern machinery for producing quality products. All the plants are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. All these plants are continuously upgraded to offer quality outcome. They have an excellent safety record, making Flipcab Cable wires and cables toppers of their range.