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Legends League is a MOBA (multi-line combat arena), where two teams of five players struggle to destroy the enemy’s base, reminiscent of DotA. The League of Legends (Short for LoL), which offers a high-quality strategy and strategic strategy strategy strategy and strategy strategy and risk strategy, is capable ofoffer both fun and exciting games, and will definitely please gamers for many players.

This is a genuine reference point for MOBA games

against prominent players like Smiteoraz DotA 2, LeagueLegends got the model status of the MOBA model with almost 40 million players a month. The best thing about LoL is a powerful game,which requires a quick response, while not forgetting the strategic depth.

LoL game modes that are most popular (5 or 5 battle to capture the base of the opponent) offers a game lasting about 40 minutes, which must be played in one sitting by laying the jawatanSemasa game, your team willhave a numerical advantage, which often make other players put the position

Fortunately, there are many different game modes, if you do not have time for a long battle: you can make 3 on 3 or 5 on battle 5 with random characters and play against the bot controlled by artificial intelligence. LoL offers a wide rangegames that are constantly changing: programmers are constantly adding new and new game modes to Heroes, players who have not lost their interest for so long.

It’s just a demanding game

Since the launch of the Legend League, the creator decided to ease the game for beginners (difficult tasks for the game MOBA). Thanks to numerousanti-synthetic intellectual systems and training systems that put you at the same level as other players, the experience from the beginning has practically improved.

Keep in mind that LoL is a big issue and the first part of the game is often disappointing. You need strength at this stage,if you want to be a good player and enjoy all the advantages of the game in the long run.

Like most MOBA games, the League of Legends suffers from serious disadvantages: it’s a team game where communication is very important. Unfortunately, some players tend to bite when they are a little worried.

Oftenit happens that there are images in the chat, asymptomatic behavior. This is bad because sometimes it can spoil the game. Feel free to play with your friends or turn off talk for a quiet game!

Like all competing online games, League of Legends pays great attention to an honest game: even without investingmoney in the game, it can continue to be competitive with other players. An honest game strategy usually works well, because the game is often re-calibrated to block too powerful characters that have priority over others. My only complaint concerns a system that is unexpected,because it will pay extra, which makes the characters more powerful, they do not have to be free games to play.

Average graphics, but always changing

The League of Legends, released in 2009, does not conform to the gaming graphic standards. The character model is no longer used as a decoration.Fortunately, developers are constantly working to improve the design of the characters and make it even more interesting. Although there are some impressive graphic aspects. Everything seems to work well together and quite interesting.

You will see that ** the content of the game is often updated ** when the developers makechanges in model, textures, maps and character sounds to allow the game to change over time.

Classic Online Games

Legion Legion – Classic. Thanks to a team that plays a system that combines strategy and role-playing games, the program offers a very dynamic and exciting experience that can beenjoy after receiving a long-lasting love for a rich game.

The League of Legends is a successful (technically less complex than DotA 2 but easier) and is constantly updated from the point of view of content. Remember, however, that although it’s free, you can still pay a lot of your pocket if you wantget paid content (including annoying rune systems).

League of Legends


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