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Key Differences Between
Do and Don’t Wire



Do ensure proper cable installation by following manufacturer guidelines and industry standards to maintain optimal performance and safety

Don’t overload cables by exceeding their rated current or voltage capacities, as this can lead to overheating, insulation breakdown, and potential fire hazards.

Do regularly inspect cables for signs of wear, damage, or deterioration, and promptly address any issues to prevent potential hazards or disruptions.

Don’t expose cables to extreme temperatures, moisture, corrosive substances, or mechanical stresses beyond their specified limits, as this can compromise their performance and lifespan.

Do use cable management solutions, such as cable trays, conduits, or cable ties, to organize and protect cables, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring ease of maintenance.

Don’t use damaged or frayed cables, as they can pose safety risks and impair electrical conductivity, potentially leading to equipment malfunction or electrical accidents.

Do consider the voltage, current, and environmental conditions when selecting cables, ensuring they are suitable for the intended application and can handle the expected loads and operating conditions.

Don’t mix cables of different types, ratings, or specifications within the same circuit, as this can lead to compatibility issues, increased resistance, and compromised electrical performance.

Do implement proper grounding and bonding techniques to ensure electrical safety and mitigate the risk of electrical faults or surges

Don’t neglect regular cable inspections and maintenance, as this can lead to undetected issues, reduced reliability, and increased safety risks.

Do label and document cable connections and configurations for easier identification, troubleshooting, and maintenance purposes.

Don’t use improper cable routing or bend radii that exceed recommended limits, as this can cause cable deformation, insulation damage, and increased risk of short circuits.

Do engage qualified and trained professionals for cable installation, maintenance, and repair tasks to ensure compliance with safety standards and industry best practices

Don’t overlook the importance of fire safety in cable selection. Avoid using non-flame-retardant cables in applications where fire resistance is crucial, such as buildings or high-risk environments.

Multicore Control Cable

A long list of features such as safety, reliability, fire resistant, fire retardant, lead free, halogen free and non-toxic are associated with the flexible cables from FLIPCAB and thus, they are the first level of defense when it comes to hazards in homes, offices or any other commercial establishments. The FLIPCAB Multicore Round Cables are an eco-friendly choice Form Well Standard technology Cables production facility. We produce these cables in 100 m length for different core configurations including 4 core, 3 core, 19 core, 2 core, 16 core, 14 core, 12 core, 10 core, 8 core, 7 core, 6 core and so on. Perfect for installation in all electrically operated machines and equipment’s such as air conditioners, refrigerators, motors etc. these wires are flexible and provide the best-in-class protection all around. Moreover, they do not heal and work efficiently even under pressure.


Standard annealed, Compactly Bunched, Copper Flexible Electrolytic Grade Conductor As per BIS:IS 8130 Standard Including Class 2 & Class 5 

Temperature Range:-

Flexing 0 to +80 c 

fixed installation -5 to +80 c

Nominal voltage:-

Uo / 500 V 

Minimum Bending radius :-

Approx 10 X cable


X2C, X4C, X6C, X8C Up to 32 Core



AS Per Bis Standard FR- FRLS Pvc Insulated Includes Type  A & Type D
for Various Oprations


Outer Layer As per BIS/ISI Standard ST 1 & ST 3 Also Include Various Color Options As per operational Requirements.

Extensively Oil Resistant, Chemical Resistant ,  Self-Extinguishing & Flame Retardant According To IS 694.


As Per customer’s operational requirement


100 mtrs Coil or WoodenDrum
As Per customer’s operational requirement