These cables are used for transmitting signals between and within the Instruments generally operating from 50 Hz to 1000 Hz having typical parameters like, characteristics impedance; capacitance and attenuation limit requirements as per the Customer’s specification. These cables are widely used in Electronic equipments at the Utility Boards and the Industries.

These Cables generally consist of small size Conductor, Special Polymeric Insulated, formed as Pairs or Triads or Quads, Individual or Overall Screened with Drain Wire. Inner Jacketed, Armoured (Optional) and outer jacketed with PVC Compound.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is prevalent throughout the factory floor. This is why data and signal cables are usually protected with insulated conductors and wrapped with a conductive layer. Shielding reduces electrical noise and reduces its impact on signals and also lowers electromagnetic radiation.  Shielding prevents crosstalk between cables near each other. Shielding not only protects cable but it can also protect machinery and people as well.
Types of shielding
Cable shielding uses either a braided, spiral design or metal-coated Mylar or foil shield. The shielding wraps around each conductor to mitigate noise by 85% to 100%, depending on the configuration. The maximum shielding a braided shield can have is 90%. Spiral shields can offer 98%, while metal-coated Mylar can deflect 100% of EMI.
Sizes we can manufacture in shielded cables: 0.50 Sq. mm 2 core to 2.50 Sq. mm 24 core