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Introducing FL Studio 11

FL Studio 11 – is a full-fledged production of software, which is a more than 14-year innovation and our commitment to free lifetime updates. All you need in one package to compose, edit, record, edit,masteringaprofessionalnoy mixing and music quality.

FL Studio 11 – is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers.

What can the FL Studio 11?

* Editing and manipulation of audio, including field correction, noise reduction, equalization, rastsyazhennepa time detection victoryand slash audible distortion and standard sound control (reduce / paste, and so on. d.).

* Automate most interface parameters and all accessories with the help of automation curves, curves, splicing, automation generators with formula based on kiravnikamispasylkami.

*To be masters in drugihDAW such as a VST or connected through ReWire.

* Music in the air, including visual effects visual effects.

* Mix and play audio, including sound effects in real-time, including delay, return and filtering.

* Audio recording Limitation with multipledorozhkamina audio inputs interface.

* Shoot and play back MIDI-input for recording from the keyboard, drums and controllers.

* Ability to sequencing and editing the model and linear workflow.

Synthesizer * and effects plug-in which is located VST 32 and 64 bits, DX and FL own format.

significantnew opportunities

-mode playback. Activate the clips in real time using a mouse, touch screen, keyboard or MIDI-controller. Supports APC20 / 40, Launchpad, Lemur, Block, Maschine / Mikro, padKONTROL, Tractor Control (and mnogaeinshae).

Support for Multi-Touch – FL Studio and some sockets are now responding to the supportMulti-TouchOsobennosti Giture from Microsoft.

– playlist – 199 songs for playback, up from 99.

– compound includes MIDI-input port. Links are now stored MIDI-gateway, which is used to praduhilennyakanfliktu between controllers.

– Playlist and piano – upright Gorizontalnoiblocking traffic. Shift – Horizontal lock. Ctrl – vertical lock when dragging items.

– Piano roll – sticky notes, mouse clicks, the monaural mode to insert krokui chord to chord.

– data input via the right click – Mostteper controlsallow you to enter values ​​by clicking the right mouse button.

– The selector jacks. Right-click to open the plugin and its memory settings on your browser. Start entering imonynadbudov to select entries.

– Buttons Mixer – StranitsaVverh / down through the current goalWindows plug-in mixer.

– Options – comparison of the labels in the clips that return superimposed notes in the clip template. Press and hold the function. Now the level of the interface animatsyigrafichnaga can choose from sober to pleasure.

new approval

-BassDrum- Synthesizer for deep bass percussion percussion with sample layers. BassDrum was developed thanks to a strong and loud consumer demand for big bottom. Our decision was that kabvzyats hybrid route for the synthesis / sample to provide unlimited adjustment of the perfect strokedutemzvuk.

– GMS (Groove Machine Synth) – multitype hybrid synthesizer and FX-channel which is exploded with Groove Machine. Another popular demand.

– Effect – 12 effects oriented effects: distortion, Lo-Fi bits flange phasing filter (low / high pass), loss, reverb, panning and stereo binauraleffect, spinning, granulator, effects of forming the ring and the voices. Effector was introduced to complement the performance mode and perfect padyhoditsdlya use with displays and controllers with multiple touch screens.

– Patcher – Introduced in FL Studio 10 to provide resourcesReset effects most frequently used and chains for plugs. In a new section, for example, with the exception of rewriting animiravanymizluchennyami and new interface Patcher got two more, so much more the future, Voice Effects (VFX).

– VFX Key Mapper – Allows you to enternotes, or to live with the piano, be transposed, changed keys, welded or creatively rearranged.

– VFX Color Mapper – uses 16 FL Studios Color fartepiyannyyanoty, which traditionally appear on the MIDI-channels. Now, in the Patcher notes, you can control up to 16 independent generators/ Instrumentamigruppy generators

updated plugins

– FL Flowstone – Flowstone Synthmaker is the successor of the original program. Now, including pragramavannyaRuby language high. Not only can you create Synths, Effects, but also to control external equipment that supports USB-devices Mapsinput / output, Wi-Fi, webcam and audio hardware. His real relationship with the right robot FL Studio – this is the first DAW in the world who can now make vamkofe!

– Newtone 2 – completely written with a new mechanism and the analysis of the relief, for greater accuracy, and processes the workflow.aktsiis shortcuts and mouse are now harmonizes with FL Studios and pick a playlist, where possible. New editors Vibrato and Warp are the zahaplyalnymi.Prylada Vibrato allows users to create vibrato effects with scratches with controls, including frequency kolichestvoiat the beginning / end. Editor detects even the existing vibrato and displays this value, so that users can meet naturalnyyatendentsyi singers, if desired. Warp editor designed to work with mono or polyphonic material and is ideal dlyanarezka andrepeated time / quantization drums, vocal performance and excellent experimentation with sound. Most importantly, Newtone 2 – Free abnavlennedlya existing customers.

– Garmoriets star on electricity and Dubstep scene, voted in the top 10 plugins 2013 godachitateli MusicRadar now supportKomplexer WT wavetables «Ranges key card Sounds” sampler for both functionality and automatic dump to win dlyaapratsovki Slicex with drums. Preliminary calculations continue to grow, as the patches continue to fall with a thriving bazypolzovateli.

– ZGameEditor Visualizer – onbased on free open ZGameEditor open source software that can be used to create objects for 3D video games and vizualizatsyi2D Fork. ZGE Visualizer can create a real-time video effects in real time, or to visualize in automatic or automatic sinhronizatsiisFL Studio projects to support live performances or video clips on YouTube. In FL Studio 11 the plugin gets seryyunovyh sensor modules for incredible HD-visuals.

– DirectWave. In the original version of FL added a multiple-mode, so you can download and play more than one patchatsvetamusic at the piano. There is also a new 16 inch new sync mode for the lower vykarystannyaTsP using DirectWave mode with multiple timers.

What is new? (2013/11/15)


-Added some supported controllers

-by words “Saka-Goldener”

remote support-IL

podderzhkadlya control issue – Invention

-DJ TechTools Support Midi Fighter 3D

-ElectrixTweaker support

-Excellent support CNTRL-R

-Personal support for BASE


– Fixed creating additional drag lines when starting the main toolbar

Deleting string comparisonUnicode tags in a browser

– Dostizheniyav control support

– Control surfaces: fixed-size sliders template after saving and loading or track

– Control Surface: fixed width label at startup settings

-DrumSynth Live: fixed saving on “auto” option

-Dudson: FixedperetaskivanieBrauzer FL

-FPC: Fixed import of new pragramDW

-new entry: Fixed WAV retains error (only exported seconds)

-New version: updated engine (fixes, more like a playlist FL)

-new entry: Move with the arrow keys

-Newtone: FixedError return to some of the settings

-Patcher: vypravlenynedakladny razmerrazmer plugin editor after loading the old settings

-Patcher: delete the “remarks” of the assembly unit FL commissioning efficient version

-Patcher: Fixed MIDI-note processing to eliminate the effects of the additive

-Patcher: fixedbutton for previous naladpre / prevdlya some congestion

-Patcher: Fixed loading saved in SimSynth songs / presets

-Patcher: Fixed an issue with the problem of sample Synth1

-Redicated: Fixed a bug that hides the plug-in editor

-Get: device equipment fix

-Wave Traveler: Fixedwith nyabachnymredaktoromotobrazhaetsya in Patcher

-Chink: Fixed keyboard entry in some nests VST3

-Wrapper: add support for context menu (some) VST plug-ins

-Power: Fixed a crash with the change MoldaProduction MCompressor parameter (VST3)

-Wrapper: fixed leak potential pamyatsidlya forksVST3

-Wrapper: peresylkasoobscheny improved keyboard from the fork to the host (VST2)

-Wrapper: display bug fixes the update settings for wireless editors (VST2)

FL Studio System Requirements:

* 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 / AMDAthlon 64 (or later) compatible processor with full padtrymkaySSE2.The faster your CPU will run more yadervy can do it at the same time. Download and test the demo!

* 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (Service Pack 3)

* (Or) Intel Mac with loading / Windows. Running XP (SP3), Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)

* recommended1 GB or more RAM

* 1 GB of free disk placeon

* Sound card with drivers DirectSound. ASIO / ASIO2 compatible for recording audio (FL Studio installs via ASIO4ALL common drivers)

Language: English


FL Studio Producer Edition 11


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