Pritkumar Vekariya

Chief Marketing Officer

Working with Flipcab Cable Private Limited  has been one the best journeys of my career. I consider myself fortunate enough to be a part of the various teams in the organization and interacting directly with the top management. The team culture is amazing. It’s a continuous learning environment where everyone strives to improve their skills. That’s what is the most rewarding aspect as I learn something new every day.

When you are given a free hand to demonstrate your potential to the fullest, it makes you to be self-motivated to achieve targets & perform surpassing the management expectations.I am grateful to be a part of this fun filled organization.


Piyush Akbari

Chief Operating Officer

I feel like home when I start my day at Flipcab Cable Private Limited. It’s a great place to work, everyone are so humble and have a fun way of working. The most rewarding aspect of my job is, lots of learning and freedom to express my ideas. Flipcab Cable Priavte Limited has helped me grow in this organization along with its own growth. I have learned a lot on the job and has grown my profile from one to another. One of the most memorable events was the Ram Ratna day, which gave me the opportunity to bond with others.


Ghanshyam Suhagiya

AGM Operation

Flipcab Cable Private Limited  has given me the opportunity to grow leaps and bounds. The best part about the company is, when it grows, it grows along with its employees. I was hired as a process engineer and with consistent learning and development I have reached to become a Sr. Manager in the company. I am thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to continue delivering my best to the organisation.


Bharat Dhola

Senior Manager

The work environment in Flipcab is awesome. Working for this result oriented company, I have developed a passion for my job that drives me towards achieving my daily goals. I have worked on a wide range of projects, where my skills are challenged and get to learn new things every day. This company has given me an opportunity to develop my career, helped me enhance my skills and knowledge by working towards the focused goal. As rightly said knowledge is power and with the passage of time I shall grow along with Flipcab.


Suresh Kumar

Production Head

Flipcab Cable Private Limited gives you the perfect work-life balance. The work culture is so positive that it feels like we all are part of the family. It’s a fun environment wherein I find a common bond with my team to achieve our goals together. This organization has helped me develop my skills and shaped my career towards my personal goals.It’s a continues learning process in Flipcab Cable Private Limited and we are trying to move mountains in the rocket speed.