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Construction & Infrastructure


Linking integrity and safety to construction and installation

At Flipcab Group, we are a trusted enabler, provider and partner to the construction industry and electrical wholesale, offering a reliable service with integrity on every project. And we’ve been providing the products and services you need for more than 40 years, so you can be confident in our reputation for quality.

We take a customer-first approach to everything we do: from visiting global construction project sites to reflecting on your needs to guide product launches, refinement and innovation.

We’re also dedicated to customer centricit at a local and regional level, and we can be recognised in our commercial brands, Flipcab, Ennon and General Cable, worldwide.

Connecting the world. Today and in the future.

As a construction and installation expert, you’ll know that building the world takes a combination of things:
skills, experience, market knowledge and care. So why settle for any less from your industry partners?


ECO CABLE: Green inside and out

We provide products that are the green life blood that brings energy to homes, infrastructures and cities around the world.

With a business strategy consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to be greener inside and out.

We express this through products that, when installed in homes, infrastructures and cities around the world, help make them greener too.
ECO CABLE is the first green label in the cable industry and vouches for the increasing sustainability of our cables.

Going beyond the cable

To support your business more fully, and to help you find new value in a changing world, Flipcab is constantly looking beyond the cables we manufacture. So our services for the construction sector now encompass innovative digital solutions that help you work more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably.

Our Markets

World-leading cable solutions

The widest range of products, services, technologies and know-how.

Generation Distribution & Transmission

Generation to Your Home: FlipCab’s Trusted Transmission Solutions


Linking communities to a new
digital world

Construction & Infrastructure

We provide the best cable solutions
for your needs.

Transportation &

Generation to Your Home: FlipCab’s Trusted Transmission Solutions



Linking expertise and innovation with industries worldwide 

Asset Monitoring Systems & Electronics

Everyone has the potential to make their mark.

Multicore Control Cable

A long list of features such as safety, reliability, fire resistant, fire retardant, lead free, halogen free and non-toxic are associated with the flexible cables from FLIPCAB and thus, they are the first level of defense when it comes to hazards in homes, offices or any other commercial establishments. The FLIPCAB Multicore Round Cables are an eco-friendly choice Form Well Standard technology Cables production facility. We produce these cables in 100 m length for different core configurations including 4 core, 3 core, 19 core, 2 core, 16 core, 14 core, 12 core, 10 core, 8 core, 7 core, 6 core and so on. Perfect for installation in all electrically operated machines and equipment’s such as air conditioners, refrigerators, motors etc. these wires are flexible and provide the best-in-class protection all around. Moreover, they do not heal and work efficiently even under pressure.


Standard annealed, Compactly Bunched, Copper Flexible Electrolytic Grade Conductor As per BIS:IS 8130 Standard Including Class 2 & Class 5 

Temperature Range:-

Flexing 0 to +80 c 

fixed installation -5 to +80 c

Nominal voltage:-

Uo / 500 V 

Minimum Bending radius :-

Approx 10 X cable


X2C, X4C, X6C, X8C Up to 32 Core



AS Per Bis Standard FR- FRLS Pvc Insulated Includes Type  A & Type D
for Various Oprations


Outer Layer As per BIS/ISI Standard ST 1 & ST 3 Also Include Various Color Options As per operational Requirements.

Extensively Oil Resistant, Chemical Resistant ,  Self-Extinguishing & Flame Retardant According To IS 694.


As Per customer’s operational requirement


100 mtrs Coil or WoodenDrum
As Per customer’s operational requirement