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Cyrillic CadSoft eagle (x86 / x64)

The eagle Content Creator powerful PCB design software design to meet the needs corresponding to the Easy come, professional and creators! For more than 25 years been EAGLE PCB design tool and a hundred thousand worldwide electronic designers and developers. But in a great game, and the city, and the support of the operational ecosystem of out comprehensively, and, it offers a lot of Aquila, no longer a pure nadyluniad round about.

Clomlin accelerated simplicity softwarepraebetAlso learning a new PCB design. A large part of the library of the council of the open the open nature of the eagle to make his counsel is like the process of each one is more convenient. The eagle is also a growing flexibility and software developers members of the arc developer and difficulties that offered one hundred extensions (ULP) users to open and structured XML file format.

hawdd learn!

– 3 modules user interfaces with the same

Augustus – The design video tutorialspraesto

– and trades and free online free developer supporta dedicated

– Forum active users to solve problems and to help guide planning

– Manual user to access the software download

Easy to use!

– compatible with the Windows, Linux, Mac

– Available in 32-bit versions and LXIV-

– Tens of thousands of libraries available for ddimar

– Extension (User Language Program (ULP)) who gives a present customer-specific tools

-Tertia-party solutions can be integrated into a large ecosystem (3D, simulation, signal integrity)

schematic Editor

Create your own scheme up to 999 loose sheets.

-Test the electrical power, but they (ERC) mollify the scheme and purpose of the scheme of with the error of the Check and see among the

– Hierarchical Design, plans in a hierarchical structure can be designed

– automatic generator card

-Cefnogaeth variants of the assembly

– Matrix class network

– Design Reuse: To combine different pairs schematic / design for occultatumnovum

layout Editor

16 layers of clear standards for the maximum of the schemes and buried Help

– Design fast, all the tables

Exit – kingmarked a graph design

– differential pair Share

– The signing of a long Meander and ultricies

– output data produced in the process, CAM

– Rotate gwrthrychaumewn arbitrary angle (degrees), rounded corners


When switch between manual and automatic progression.

– Ripup retry trip to Easter

– TopRoutercum algorithm gridless

– Interactive route for subsequent tests proved the DRC is not faultless

– lorem lorem of the preferred optionalthe sign of the need layers of the journey,

– Support for multiple jobs to enable multi-core processor running at the same time,

-In use planning rules plans

System Requirements:

– Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 8.

– The 64-bit version of EAGLE requires a 64-bit version of the operating system.

notasVII CadSoft to the assistance of Aquila,

CadSoft Eagle Professional 7



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