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If you are in the summer, Beach Buggy Racing will give you a solution for sand, surfing and seagulls.

Proven race format

This is a 3D runner, which is very similar to Angry Birds Go! or Sonic Racing Transformed, of course, themselves, of course, were very inspired by the Super Mario Kart.

You spray around a series of folk paths for handicrafts, whichgo to the Power, which will help you finish before the break, you will hide crabs and seagulls. There are many ways, strengths, and unlocking characters.

So many other problems do not solve as many problems as in other games. Games can be won by racing, and they can be usedunlock power; Tickets (to participate in the race) can be obtained by winning three stars at the event or waiting to be filled (lasting 30 seconds), receiving coins for racing that you can use to improve your car; is thatunlocking new levels of the characters of the steering heads.

Thus, you can continue to play for free without much trouble, and you will also have good gaming experience. Go to the premium, and you will get infinite tickets as well as a special mode with a few stripes where you canto chase friends.

Slide Slide

Beach Buggy Racing controls are simple. Using tilt controls, you can go to the cart around the track. Apply to the brakes by touching the screen. Pass through the symbol of strength and collect a random element that you thenyou can use it by clicking on the icon to the right of the screen. Each character has its own “special movement”, which is performed using the icon on the left side of the screen.

However, mastering the controls is more difficult than it seems. Prepare slides from many of the angles falling from the bridgesand the stones, because the car turns. Obstacles and weapons are also hard to avoid, so you need a lot of exercises to succeed.


The general introduction of Beach Buggy Racing is great. Crazy characters are well established, and he really feels, that each person has his own individualityindependently. Backgrounds are spread and varied, and the soundtrack for surfing goes well with the theme of the game.

There are some random problems with a poor beach on the beach with buggies. It’s not enough to break the whistle, but it’s getting tired.

Summer summer

Beach Convertible racing fun racing game for the whole family.It is a pity that this is a non-multiplier in the free version, but there is enough energy and leaks to be held without payment.

Beach Buggy Racing


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