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Battlefield 2 – first-person shooter, created in a fictional collision between the great powers in Asia and the Middle East. The game focuses on team tactics and team play rather than solo actions. Weapons and vehicles of the 21st century were carefully modeled the game a real feeling. Although the animated servers are usually closed in 2014, there are free unofficial alternatives available to track the game.

Report the sword

If you have other games in the Battlefield seriesplayed you are well known. Play in Battlefield 2: Two teams fight for a modern dual-purpose card for capturing checkpoints and killing enemy characters. Each death reduces the number of sponsor cards (in fact, “live”), while the capture of control points prevents them in these areas. Use all other cards of the other team to take all control points or more when the timer disappears and you win. Different classes are available, as well as a varietyto vehicles and weapons.

The battle continues

If you love your tactical hands that give more care about it, Control over the area of ​​individual glory. Battlefield 2 is worth the effort. It’s a bit outdated, just like any other advanced game, but there’s more.

Battlefield 1 – is a first-hand shooter made during the First World War. Computer made for Plaistation 4, KSBok One and Windows. So far, probably used to VV1 games andunderstands that they usually mean a lower technique and technology of fun, but not in this game. This game is stubborn and sparkling. You have not experienced an explosion until you feel it on Battlefield 1.

For unequal games they remind you

At first glance, be happy with the “Medal of Honor”, but play a little and see a world of difference. The game is smooth and there’s a lot more about you than the Medal of Honor. You fight in First Mirevoy from the point of view of the first person,where the gun is retained at the bottom left or right hand holding screen for recording. Keep the story in a linear form, but in an environment that is felt by the open world / sandbox. Follow your mission parameters and take battles and dramas as you go. This is the chart of this world, so you need a computer for games if you do not use the console. The story is based on human rights, it’s not just about killing the war, it’s about the people in it. It seems that the storyand the characters are inspired by the war movie Fury.

cracking of explosive fireworks and dramatic drama

Because playing the PC teaches us, the sound is all and the creators of BattlefieldIk know this. Shoot someone close and you can really hear how the bones break when you go through the bullets. The noise of the explosion is sharp and the noise of the gun is not repeatedly repeated, which is a big plus in this first person shooter. Pictures are incredible, but they are not perfect. As wellIn many military games, the faces are somewhat hidden. With current console technology, they can do more with face features. Instead, they make the most of their efforts, making the game look great when the battle is in full swing. The creators have added a full variation to the game when jumping from one scenario on foot, from another to an airplane, another in a balloon and so on. The playability of the game has been added, butIt is deducted from the perceived realism of the game. Unfortunately, the creators shot pieces of demons so that they could sell the sale with the ability to catch. For example, you can not play French if you no longer pay.


The story is new, but at the same time a military drama and the game are much above average. EA has ruined it a bit, paid money and forced players to pay for content that can be downloaded before they can enjoy itwhole game. However, if you purchased a computer for the game, Plaistation4 or Xbox One, Battlefield 1 is the reason you’ve paid all this money.

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