Apex Cable Industries is a leading cable and wire manufacturer and supplier.Started in 1978 by industry expert VIJAY AKBARI, Apex Cable Industries has built a strong reputation as a customer service-oriented leader in cable and wire manufacturing and a reliable supplier to a variety of industries. Apex Cable Industries is converted to Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. In 2017


Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. is an indian company that began in 2017 as a result of VIJAY AKBARI’s already successful career in the wire and cable industry. In his career working at various cable houses, VIJAY AKBARI realized very early on that there was a need in the industry for a supplier that could provide custom wire and cable products and hard to find items with quick deliveries and low minimum quantities. With this idea in mind, VIJAY AKBARI started Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd.

Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. began its house wire manufacturing.  It started by manufacturing house wire for only few of its customers.  After one month of manufacturing, Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. had not only exceeded its customer’s expectations, it exceeded its goals. After that first year Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. began to market their wire harness and cable manufacturing abilities. Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd.’s wire and cable manufacturing capabilities have grown ever since.

The culture of continual improvement at Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. led the organization to pursue ISO certification.  In 2017 that goal was realized when it achieved ISO 9001:2010 certification. The implementation of ISO standards has allowed Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. to improve in numerous areas as an organization and better serve its customers.


Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. is an invaluable partner to its customers, exceeding their expectations by providing vast product knowledge and outstanding service to produce superior wire & cable with honesty and integrity.


Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd., Inc. is a dynamic organization of wire and cable engineering experts with over 50 years of experience in solving technical problems and improving product function.  Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. is unique because its customers can “one stop shop” for not only house wire and cable, but armoured and unarmoured cable  as well.  Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd.’s goal is to exceed customer expectations through attention to detail and rapid production capabilities.


As a leading cable and wire manufacturer and supplier, Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. is organized to assist its customers in obtaining the best possible product to suit their needs. Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in engineering and delivering material that will improve the quality and function of its customers’ products. Customers expect the highest quality and highest level of support from Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd.’s team. From beginning to end, Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. is truly committed to working side by side with each customer to meet their cable and wire manufacturing/supply needs.

Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. is an organization where attention to its customers and their satisfaction is its highest mission. Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. believes that every customer, large or small, has the right to quality product, on-time delivery, and honest, courteous service. Flipcab Cable Pvt. Ltd. pledges to provide all of these things to its customers and the goal is to exceed the expectations of its customers every time.


As the leader in new product development our skilled professionals develop products not only to meet national/international standards but to go beyond it and bring unique value creating characteristics to meet customers’ requirements across the globe. We have a strong committed team headed by our Managing Director to keep R&D as a continuous process.

This has resulted in many new & unique wires & cables and electrical / electronic items.


At FLIPCAB we strive to achieve customer satisfaction through innovation and continuous improvement in Product, Process and Personnel.

We also strive to be known globally as a manufacturer of reliable, dependable  wires and cables.


At no time in our history has customer focus been more a priority than it is today. FLIPCAB wire and cable is driven by our customer’s needs for the highest quality products delivered “just-in-time”. Our new global presence provides premier supplier capabilities, consistent product quality and our hallmark personalized services worldwide. We partner with our customers during product development and offer personalized engineering support.


As the leader in new product development, our skilled professionals develop products with the competitive characteristics which distinguish FLIPCAB wire and cable.

  • The market leaders
  • User friendly
  • Thinking beyond “ The Box”
  • Value creation
  • Innovative
  • Eco-friendly