Technical Data

Cable Construction

1.1 kV (A.C) & 1.5 kV (D.C ) to Earth
1 cores AL / CU conductor, PVC insulated, unarmoured cables.
Conductor : AL up to 10 Sq. mm conductor are solid Cl.1. And above 10 Sq. mm conductor are stranded round or compact Cl. 2 In CU 4 & 6 Sq. mm conductor are solid Cl.1 or stranded Cl. 2. 10 Sq. mm & above stranded round or stranded compact Cl. 2
Insulation : PVC Type – A
Core Color : Red or yellow or blue or black or natural
Outer Sheath : PVC Type ST-1
Cable Color : Black (Options : Any other color as per requirement)

Cable Design Parameters

Conductor Type (Aluminium or Copper) and class of conductor (Cl. 1 or 2).
Insulation Type – PVC Type A / C.
Sheath Type – PVC Type ST-1 / FR / FRLS; PVC Type ST-2 / FR / FRLS.
Colour from above technical details.

Electrical Parameters