For trouble-free working, these connecting cables are just as important as winding wires are for the submersible pump motors.
Flipcab 3 core Flat Cables are manufactured keeping in mind the severe and difficult conditions in which they are required to
perform. The individual conductors are made from bright electrolytic grade copper. The wires are drawn, annealed and bunched
properly to ensure flexibility and uniform resistance. Each of the three copper conductors is insulated with a special PVC compound
formulated and manufactured in-house. The cores are laid up in flat parallel position. The outer sheath of the cable is made from
a special grade of abrasion resistant PVC compound impervious to water, grease, oil, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Information : Flipcab® 16.00 Sqmm, 3 Core  FRLS PVC Insulated Submersible Flat Cable
  • HSN Code : 8544.60.20
  • Brand : Flipcab®
  • No. & Size Of Wire (Nom.) : 226/0.30
  • SQ. MM : 16.00 MM
  • Core : 3
  • Material : Plain annealed high conductivity Flexible copper conductor as per Class 5 of IS 8130/2013 latest
  • Max. D.C. Cond. Resistance at 20 Deg. C. : 1.21 (Ohm/km)
  • Current Rating DC or AC : 59 AMPS
  • Cable Type: YY (Flexible/Flat)
  • Insulation :  Extruded FRLS PVC Type ‘ST3’ as per IS:5831/84
  • Insulation Thickness (Nom.) : 1.0 mm
  • Sheath Thickness (Nom.) : 1.40 mm
  • Overall Diameter Width (Nom.) : 24.50 mm (Approx)
  • Overall Diameter Hight (Nom.) : 10.70 mm (Approx)
  • Rated Voltage : 1100v
  • Colors: Black,Blue,Red & 30 Others
  • Packaging Type. : Coil / Wooden Drum
  • Advantages of Flipcab Wires and Cables :
    Higher Electrical Strength Retention
    Higher Short Circuit Rating
    Better Electrical, Mechanical & Thermal Properties
    Easy Jointing & Termination.