Variants Available

Product Name Nominal Cross Sectional Area (Sq. mm) No of Strands/Max. Strand Diameter (mm) Current Carrying Capacity Maximum Diameter Over Insulation (mm)
FLIPCAB® CABLE 0.50 16/0.200 6 2.6
FLIPCAB(265) CABLE 0.50 07/0.265 5 2.6
ENNON® CABLE 0.50 07/0.240 4 2.6

Technical Data

Approvals : IS 694 marked

Conductor : Electrolytic grade annealed copper

Voltage : Up to and including 1100V

Packing : Standard packing of 90 mtr. in coil. Longer length available on request

PVC Insulation : CLASS-1 PVC FR-LSH 70°C

Colours : Green,Black,Red,Blue,Yellow,White,Violet,Brown,Orange,Pink,Grey and much more.

Structure : Fine stranded copper conductors, FRLS PVC Insulation.


Cable designed for internal wiring in switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear and for purposes such as stationary, static appliances, internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers.
PVC 70°C cables suitable for general wiring in control cabinets, panels and power switchgear.
FR PVC 70°C cables suitable for ambient wiring in control cabinets, panels and power switchgear for enhanced safety.
FR-LS PVC 70°C cables are suitable for wiring in public places like schools, hospitals, theatres, etc. These are also suitable for fire prone areas in industries and commercial infrastructure.

As a pioneer manufacturer of building cables and house wires India, we manufacture our products in an array of shapes and sizes to diverse applications and also manufacture these as per the specific customer needs. We are highly punctual in terms of our end-product delivery at the specified location requested by our clients to offer complete satisfaction. Some of the other reasons because of which our products are applauded are the following ones.

  • Superior tensile strength
  • High efficiency
  • Good insulation property
  • Ability of withstanding high temperatures
  • Abrasion resistance properties
  • Reliability
  • Ductility